How to express yourself to be understood

Sometimes I find it really challenging to express myself in a right way. Thankfully, we already invented the internet, which is full of articles, comics, talks, videos and other stuff we can use to help us or others with this.

If we know more about each others and the way we see or feel things, we understand each others better. We can achieve this only by having open conversations and express ourselves in a way the other person can understand us. To some point of course, we can never fully understand how the other person feels.

You can check here what reactions can hurt people with ADHD. It’s another BuzzFeed thing, but they’ve put it together in a way everybody can easily understand. Don’t worry, it’s not a long read, there are just some pictures with some simple explanations. I struggle with these reactions just too often.

I’m in my own dark space for a while now. It’s something I’m not proud of, because I have all the tools I need for not feeling this way. Yet my mind still doesn’t want to cooperate and come up from the basement. Been there?

It’s the lack of understanding that hurts me. Not being understood by somebody who is very close to me. And I wonder, are my communications skills really that poor? Or is there an error on the opposite site…

How do you express yourself? Do you struggle with it or is it something that comes naturally for you?

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6 Replies to “How to express yourself to be understood”

  1. We have a teacher part who can make what we say interesting and funny. It takes time, energy, and preparation. Hard for spontaneous chatting

    We have a parent part who has good intentions and is a little direct, possibly boring, and not a great listener

    We have a curious part who asks insightful questions and listens well

    It’s hard to do multiple of these tasks in the same forum. Takes lots of energy to be that many people

    We often get angry when we’re not understood, which is probably a front for feeling isolated, abandoned. It’s hard to communicate about inside stuff (feelings, sensations, stress, etc.). The words don’t seem to do justice to the intensity and duration of our experiences. Interesting post!

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