Sometimes I wonder. Do I really have ADHD? Am I “just” depressed and anxious? Do I have CPTSD? Autism? Borderline personality disorder? I could easily fit all of them and some more.

These labels can help doctors to provide some much needed help and to help me connect with some people. And at the same time disconnect from others, because of the stigma and lack of understanding.

Sometimes I feel so alone that I think of loneliness as a disorder on its own. I really don’t like the term disorder. Because in every “disorder” I have, I can find some order, something good as well.

Neurodiversity is one hell of a curse. But it can be a gift as well. The most important thing is that you learn to embrace the good parts and learn to live with the bad ones.

My thoughts exactly

Today I just needed to let go some of my thoughts. What about you, dear reader, how do you cope with your mind? Is there an order or disorder?

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3 Replies to “Neurodiversity”

  1. I appreciate your reflection on this.

    This part below from your post resonated with me.

    “Because in every “disorder” I have, I can find some order, something good as well.”

    And so true. Something I hope to teach our “neurodiverse” son.

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