You are not your diagnosis

When it comes to mental health, I can be a walking psychiatry book. I was misdiagnosed a couple of times, I was able to sent away some of the “demons”, but I always keep one or two in my head. Just in case I was getting bored.

Joke aside. Since we don’t use much appropriate diagnostics (like lab tests and other fool proof scans), I don’t take these diagnoses too seriously. They can serve us to find a better help or connect you to more people with similar issues, but this is pretty much it. If you’re not 100% sure what you’re treating, the outcome can’t be 100% sure, right?
My dad is great when it comes to logic, and he passed a bit of that to me, to help me see the things outside the box. And this is exactly how I see the mental health field. It might be right, wrong or anything in-between, but it’s mine and I’m always open to more knowledge.

I don’t have all of the following diagnosis (anymore 😎 ), but I was labeled officially with them in the past 20 years. I can relate to all of them.

I’ve seen with my own eyes how disorganized ADHD looks like, how borderline personality disorder mess up your relationships and keeps you locked in the world of illusions, delusions and goes hand in hand with daydreaming of an ADHD. I know how anxiety keeps you away from being successful, how lazy can a human be through depression, how exhausting can an OCD be, how can a panic disorder make you a prisoner of your own home, how can premenstrual dysphoric disorder put you in a brutal suicidal mode month after month.
There is one that covers all of them and it’s probably the most accurate for me, it’s CPTSD (my medical team agrees). It’s fueled by the labels I’ve mentioned before. Quite a devil, if you ask me.

You can’t change your past, but you can learn from it. There are some things you can and some you can’t influence much. But there is always something you can influence – yourself and your future.

You can get lost in your diagnoses and let them take over your self perception. Been there, done that, not proud of it. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
It’s really important that you see the whole picture, your whole self. No matter the label, you’re still that kind or unkind, generous, courageous, passionate, responsible or irresponsible, annoying, creative etc. self.
Don’t let the labels define you.

How about you, do you ever lose yourself in your head and get overwhelmed by your diagnoses?

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11 Replies to “You are not your diagnosis”

  1. I don’t have a diagnosis but I have suffered from psychosis. Sometimes it comes back and I can feel the ground slipping away from under me. It’s really scary but most of the time I forget about it. When it comes I just have to stop what I’m doing, dig my heels in and breathe and say ‘I am here ‘

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  2. I’m the same. I had so many diagnosis’ that it drove me crazy and i was ‘in pursuit’ of one – this held me back now and brought on deeper darker symptoms.
    PMDD was one way I could get my head around my symptoms but I still couldn’t understand my body. I too most likely have CPTSD as I’ve amennorhea. To be honest I go with it, I have about two weeks max a month where I feel normal so I arrange my life accordingly. I am not a diagnosis and neither am I undiagnosis; I am me

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  3. So so true! Thank you for sharing. Ad human beings we seem to like labelling people, but we are so much more than our labels. Much love being sent from one survivor to another! You are a warrior!

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