You matter #2

Sometimes we forget the importance of our existence. And how strongly we influence each others. Sometimes a single word change a person’s life. For better or for worse.

Don’t take yourself for granted. Because you matter, you truly do. No matter how unimportant you might feel sometimes.

I would like to thank all of you who involved with my blog, because every single one of you made some impact on me in your own way.

There are some specific bloggers who made me think a lot. I’m really grateful for that.
I strongly encourage everyone to visit their blogs, they might pass something precious to you too. Or you to them.

Mental Health @ Home
Modern Romanticism
Take a Ride on My Moodswing
The Art of Blogging
The Truth
Tornado Of Chaos

Another thought about thanking people… It can be great, but not so great if you’re overdoing it (I’m still exploring my own boundaries).
Otherwise, you can be easily taken for granted.

It’s quite naive thinking that just existing is enough.

It’s enough to survive, indeed (we all need this at some point), but way too short to actually live a meaningful life.

What about you, which blogs/sites/people/things/(put here anything you can think of) influenced you the most so far?

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4 Replies to “You matter #2”

  1. Thanx maja

    Your words gave me a lot of inspiration
    And I liked what you were talking about because it originated from your nucleus and I also feel myself in it
    What I liked most was your article on post- depression blues

    Liked by 3 people

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