Hi, I’m Maja and I’m a human. I’m from Slovenia, a small country in southern Central Europe.

I was never good at any sports or anything in particular. I was and still am the average clumsy girl, who fails at nearly everything she puts her mind into.
I’m willing to share some of those failures. (You’re welcome.)

A nurse by profession, almost a midwife, web developer by experience (this is debatable as well as many wannabe things I’ve learned just halfway due to my messy brain).

My CV is quite weird, I’d say. I have many skills, but I’m not an expert on anything. If there exists a life CV, filled with traumas and life experiences, this is the one I’m nailing it. And getting new ideas. This is something I could sell, I just can’t seem to find the right audience.

I worked as a Nurse, Assistant for Disabled, Team Leader in Beauty Studio, Graphic Designer, Web Developer, Web Editor, Computer Technician, Photographer, Social Media Manager and as a patient. Well, the last one isn’t a real job, but I’m really good at it. I also have some experience with cats, dogs, hamsters and fish.

I’m currently open for any job that doesn’t require strict schedule and deadlines.

Morning view


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